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All Adults Here by Emma Straub

If you could write a novel with the attitude of Twitter, All Adults Here would be one of the best. I say “one of the best” because it’s very popular these days to write books with the same righteous, cold outrage and sophistic affect. The opening lines give you a hint at things to come. When the protagonist’s friend of 40 years is hit and killed by a bus, the protagonist felt something “indistinguishable from relief.”

I’m not really sure why I kept reading. Because my pride tells me never to stop reading a book I start? Because I wanted to see the protagonist change? Whatever the case, I slogged through. I would recommend you do not though. You’ve been warned.

As I moved forward in the story I realized it wasn’t going to change, it just left me feeling like I had just wasted a day while being quarantined. The story could have been interesting but it lacked depth in plot development. 

I know some people don’t like it because it has homosexuality in it and some weird sexual deviances. That doesn’t bother me at all, other than it seemed the author was simply trying to get a rise out of the reader.

I didn’t really feel all that connected to any of the characters. The book had the tone of a children’s novel with a very basic narrative, but the characters never really come to life, and is really just trying to make a point. It seemed like a race to touch on every single progressive issue, except that the characters were way too shallow for me to put myself in their shoes.

Just don’t.

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