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2020 Top Five Books (so far)

Well we are a third through 2020 and I’ve read twelve books so far (thank you lockdown!). So I thought I would update on my Top Five Favs for 2020. Let’s go.

Number One – You may not have heard of Divide the Dawn, but I promise you will soon! This book really took me by surprise. I hadn’t heard of this author before, though he was shortlisted a couple years ago for a historical novel award. I was blown away at how original and smart the storyline is. It features a few POV characters, but what makes it easy to follow along is that the author uses very fundamental, yet individualized storylines for each that all work together. I called Divide the Dawn my “dark horse darling,” and I meant it! (Read my review HERE)

Number Two – Hilary Mantel’s long-awaited final book in the Wolf Hall Trilogy came out and did not disappoint. The author is a well-versed professional. Although I have never been morally behind the idea of making Thomas Cromwell the hero of any story (pretty much a horrible human being), Mantel was fair. From the opening lines of Wolf Hall where he is beaten close to death by his father, to the end where he is beheaded, Cromwell was not spared any soft treatment. And rightfully so, as he ruined and caused the death of many others. (Read my review HERE)

Number Three – We carried Suzy Approved Book Reviews for My Dark Vanessa because it was better than I could have written. I just love when a debut author pushes through and creates a great story, and Kate Elizabeth Russell really succeeded here. Suzy wrote “a compelling, distressing, and haunting story that will stick with you for days.” (See her review HERE)

Number Four – Quirky and fun, I had to have something a little more upbeat in my top five. I mean I love drama, but you can’t live on drama alone. The Astonishing Life of August March reminded me of watching a Wes Anderson film. It has smart things to teach you, but through a very strange lens. (Read my review HERE)

Number FiveAmerican Dirt came out of the gates like wildfire. In fact it had been in the works for a long time. It rocketed to the top, only to be dragged down by criticism due to its author not being hispanic. Well then we found out she is hispanic, but maybe not enough(?). In any case, I liked the story. It read like an action movie and I felt a deep connection to the main character. (Read my review HERE)

3 thoughts on “2020 Top Five Books (so far)

  1. My Dark Vanessa has been on my list, as has American Dirt.

  2. Loved this list.
    Although I haven’t read any one from it, but hear good reviews of My Dark Vanessa and American dirt. Will read them soon.

  3. Read My Dark Vanessa and American Dirt

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