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The Astonishing Life of August March by Aaron Jackson

Sometimes you just need something a little quirky. Especially being cooped up inside all the time during this age of quarantin-ism, lol. This one made me laugh and tested the bounds of my ability to suspend disbelief. But sometimes disbelief is fun to suspend, just look at all the lovers of the Outlander series.

“Abandoned as an infant by his actress mother in her theater dressing room, August March was raised by an ancient laundress. Highly intelligent, a tad feral, August is a true child of the theater able to recite Shakespeare before he knew the alphabet.”

For those who love the theatre and early twentieth century New York, this is for you. This tongue-in-cheek debut novel has Shakespearean humor along with quirky absurdities. Yet somehow keeps you turning the page. It’s like a performance in and of itself.

In this sweet, although sometimes vulgar, rags-to-riches story, August Marchs bizzare and astonishing story will be sure to evoke a broad range of emotions. 

A delightfully charming read, but a read that is certainly not going to test your intelligence. It’s entertainment for entertainment’s sake. Don’t look to this book to solve the difficult questions in life. Look to it to make you smile while your stuck inside.

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  1. Love the sound of it!

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