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Ghosts of the Missing by Kathleen Donohoe

A friend of mine who works with a publicist team for McNally Jackson Bookstore told me about this one. And I’m very glad for it.

Ghosts of the Missing is a somber tale of an old, upstate New York house that is haunted. The beginning of the book is laid out so that you get a good sense of the history of the generations of people, from the 1850s to the 2020s) who lived in the house and lived in the shanties in the woods outside of it as well.

For many years, people were haunted by the curse of their children dying. But as it happens, only the boys die (add your own feminist agenda as you see fit).

In 1994 Rowan, a twelve year-old girl, disappeared. Adair, her best friend back then, is haunted by Rowan’s ghost. By now the house has been a writer’s retreat since the 1950s.

When a male writer shows up in 2010, Adair quickly finds out that he wants more than to become a writer. He wants to write about the house’s curse. The big secret though, is that Rowan is not just someone he is interested in finding out what happened to her. Rowan was his sister!

I won’t give away any more than that, but I will say Ghosts of the Missing is a great read for a rainy weekend. I devoured this book with my hands tucked up into my sleeves and my hair drooping down into my eyes, lol.

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